Daybed DUNAS - Klie -

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Monday to Friday: 9-20
Saturday to Sunday: closed

by Esteban Fidelis

Dimensões : A | 62 x C | 140 – 120 cm
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Base: Aço Inox 304
Ref.: DBD-02

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Each surface of Daybed receives a combination of special foams capable of making your sitting experience more pleasant. In addition to the use of Italian elastic belts and combinations of foams depending on the use, we value and invest in the tactile feel of our pieces. To make the product comfortable before sitting, we use special types of foam for the finish. Hiper Soft is the foam used to give a pleasant touch to the armrest and backrest (image), in addition to preserving the aesthetic lines and proportion of the product indefinitely. In the seat, we use Ultracel, as the last layer of foam to provide more durability, comfort, and stability when sitting.

O aço Inox 304 foi o metal escolhido para o desenvolvimento da base da Daybed Dunas. Esse material possui aplicações nas indústrias aeronáuticas, náuticas, ferroviárias, petroquímicas, açucareiras, alimentícias e têxteis. Esse metal foi escolhido devido ao desafio de se desenvolver um acabamento côncavo na extremidade dos tubos que sustentam a porção estofada da Daybed. Consequência, por tanto, de uma demanda de acabamento e refinamento, buscou-se não somente o material adequado (Inox 304) como também a técnica ideal. A solda sanitária, muito comum na indústria de reservatórios de laticínios, exige um alto conhecimento técnico e habilidade manual do soldador, características que só se podem adquirir com anos de prática. O resultado final é uma solda imperceptível, que confere aos olhos e ao toque uma sensação de continuidade nas extremidades da base.


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Sahara Desert, Merzouga

The aridity of the barren desert landscape can be an invitation to appreciate the details of the universe that inhabits what we often consider trivial. This context of subtracting references can be an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the common. We can hear the sound of the wind like never before, see the multitude of colors of the sunset and feel the multiple textures of the space that surrounds us.
Being fully present can be one of the ways to find peace and tranquility. Not being in the before or the after, but being in the now. Truly feeling the beauty of the present can invite us to understand more deeply who we are in our essence. Free from the ego and the impositions of time, simply existing in all their potential, grandeur, and beauty.
Daybed DUNAS takes into account the maximum subtraction of the structural elements, to highlight the moment and not simply the product. Hard and serialized metals, slightly fixed, contrast with generous but regular organic forms. Each piece seeks to be able to invite us and guide us to the present moment, which announces a period of relaxation.