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LYS side table

by Esteban Fidelis – 2022

Medidas (C x A)

37 x 40 | 49 cm
14 1/2” x 15 3/4” | 19 1/4”



Frame in Carbon Steel


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Carbon steel is a material of great durability and resistance which imbues these characteristics in our products and components. The solidness and the cohesion of steel pieces, united by weld techniques, constitute an inextricable union that guarantees safety in the use and handling of our products. Laser cuts, well-executed folds, and welds constitute a continuous and fluid perception at the length of the transition of each component. Along with high-quality painting, products with metallic components ensure great physical and mechanical integrity that can lengthen not only the products’ lifespan as their aesthetic unity.

Nenúfares (Nympheas), Claude Monet. 1897-1898.

Nymphaea alba is the scientific name of the aquatic plant that names the Lys side table set. Commonly known as the water lily, this plant has leaves and flowers that project above the water line in search of light. The leaves, which are rounded in shape, outline not only the plant’s personality but also the landscapes of the places where it develops. The water lily, a source of inspiration to one of the major impressionist painters, Claude Monet, was seen frequently on the lakes of Monet’s house in Giverny, appearing in a series of the painter’s works.

The plant’s morphology is, therefore, the reference that supports the aesthetic construction of the Lys line. Just like the plant, which has thin stems that connect the leaves to the roots in the floor of the lake, the side tables have both surfaces united by a thin tube of steel. The folded metallic stem elegantly projects the surfaces until they reach the specific heights for their correct functional use. Due to a hidden support system, the first disk seems to support itself on two points only, forming a light and fluctuating personality over the floor, just like the leaves fluctuate over the surface of the water. The set’s delicacy is the reflex of the unending exercise of simplifying the elements that make up the natural aesthetic of the plant. Lastly, the Lys side table set seeks to be the result of a constant trimming of shapes and solutions, as to represent the essence and the beauty of a plant that is enchanting because of both its elegance and lightness.