KAUANE - Klie -

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by Studio MUUH

Finishes: Ebanized | Albanized | Natural
Dimensões : A | 78 x L | 76 x  P | 68 cm
Madeira : Tauari
Ref.: KN-1

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We value using certified and quality wood. In addition to the aesthetic beauty of licensed native raw materials, density is an important factor in choosing the wood species we select. This physical characteristic makes it possible to increase the quality of the finishes, improve the precision of the cuts and guarantee excellent durability of the furniture. We know that having a quality raw material available is not enough to have a good finished product, that's why we seek to work only with woodworkers who have dedicated their lives to working with wood. Excellent professionals who have know-how capable of substantially transcending technical limitations and making possible the development of each of the products developed in wood.

The seat and back of the armchair receive a combination of special foams capable of making your sitting experience
more pleasant. In addition to the use of Italian elastic belts and combinations of foam hardness depending on the use, we value and invest in the tactile feel of our pieces.
To make the product comfortable before sitting, we use special types of foam for the finish. Hiper Soft is the foam used to give a pleasant touch to the back (image), in addition to preserving the aesthetic lines and proportion of the product indefinitely. In the seat, we use Ultracel, as the last layer of foam to provide more durability, comfort, and stability when sitting.



All of our products have a creative universe behind each
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design our furniture.


Harpy Eagle

The word Kauane comes from the Tupi-Guarani and means long and long. It is also the female variant of the name Kauã, a word attributed by the indigenous people to all birds of prey in the falcon family, which may specifically mean hawk. This name was chosen due to the association between the precise and agile movement of the lines that make up the product and the characteristics of the birds of prey, recognized as excellent hunters of exuberant dexterity, speed, and beauty.

The fact that the word Kauane also means long, was another decisive issue for the choice of name since among the lines that define the personality of the ensemble, there is the armrest. Dominant element with a slight downward curve, present in most of the angles of the piece, stretching towards the back of the chair to form a support point for the upholstered back of the piece.