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Monday to Friday: 9-20
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Wollblume or Edelweiss is the name of the symbol flower of KLIE. Not only a tribute to the descendants of its founders and collaborators, but the Edelweiss flower also carries the weight of centuries as a synonym for durability, refinement, and sophistication. Choosing such a symbol for the brand is of extreme responsibility, therefore, for us at KLIE, the product that bears the Edelweiss flower is synonymous with our commitment to quality, strength, and satisfaction.

Klie is a company that values the work done by the hands of joiners, seamstresses, painters, upholsters, locksmiths, welders, turners, and machining technicians who have accumulated over the decades not only skills but a passion for what they do.
We believe that when we do something with our hands, we leave a part of us in the object we produce. Producing a piece generates a mysterious feeling of personal fulfillment. It promotes an inner ecstasy that occurs partly because we see ourselves in the final result, it is like a mirror capable of reflecting the best we have.

Our employees are proud to do what they do and the way they do it, each request is, for everyone, an opportunity to share with the world what they need best, to do with the passion that they love. This feeling, this empathy with the product that is established is a valuable jewel for a Klie, as we know that the links between producers and product are an essential part of what we want to deliver to the world.
To all these professionals, our eternal