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by Studio MUUH

Finish: 304 stainless steel | Fabric / Color: Blue Velvet - Color 08
Dimensões : A | 78 x L | 86 x  P | 93 cm
Ref.: KR-1

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The seat and back of the armchair receive a combination of special foams capable of making your sitting experience more pleasant. In addition to the use of Italian elastic belts and combinations of foam hardness depending on the use, we value and invest in the tactile feel of our pieces. To make the product comfortable before sitting, we use special types of foam for the finish. Hiper Soft is the foam used to give a pleasant touch to the back (image), in addition to preserving the aesthetic lines and proportion of the product indefinitely. In the seat, we use Ultracel, as the last layer of foam to provide more durability, comfort, and stability when sitting.

304 stainless steel was the metal chosen for the development of the base of the Ker armchair. This material has applications in the aeronautical, nautical, railway, petrochemical, sugar, food, and textile industries. This metal was chosen due to the challenge of developing a concave finish at the end of the tubes that support the upholstered portion of the chair. Consequently, therefore, of demand for finishing and refinement, we sought not only the appropriate material (304 stainless steel) but also the ideal technique. Sanitary welding, very common in the dairy tank industry, requires a high technical knowledge and manual skill of the welder, characteristics that can only be acquired with years of practice. The result is an imperceptible weld, which gives the eyes and touches a sense of continuity at the ends of the base.

Ker is a special product in many ways and one of which we are most proud of is the final handmade finish. Through a veiled seam, the fabric adjusts perfectly to the upholstered body of organic and sinuous lines. For us, not only a process but a moment where the commitment, in delivering a product thought out in the smallest details, materializes.


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El Sueño, Salvador Dalí, 1937.

“Basta que un labio encuentre su apoyo exacto en un ángulo de la
almohada para que el sueño nos estreche con todas sus fuerzas.”
Salvador Dalí.

When the body finds its ideal position of relaxation, it announces a cycle of calm and rests to renew the energies. Comfort and tranquility are the necessary ingredients for sleep, and by extension, they are the basic elements for the development of the Ker armchair.

The concept seeks to express its national content through its name. Ker is a word of Tupi origin that means SLEEP. Finding an aesthetic reference to something so subjective, was only possible from the analysis of the work “El Sueño” by Salvador Dalí. The surrealist painter's picture brings to light a prism of infinite possibilities for a formal investigation of the product, which is considered a sensitive and emotional figurative representation related to sleep.

The piece is considered to be the result of a syncretic relationship, which simultaneously expresses aspects between concept, form, and material. The armchair becomes an epicenter capable of associating the word Tupi, with a universal theme (sleeping), and its pictorial representation through the genius and sensitivity of the Catalan painter. The Ker armchair, therefore, is structured around a dynamic conceptual and aesthetic skeleton, capable of building its shape around a functional and sensitive object.