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by Studio MUUH

Finishes: Ebanized | Albanized | Natural
Dimensões : A | 81,5 x L | 68 x P | 80 cm
Madeira : Tauari
Ref.: FR-1

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We value using certified and quality wood. In addition to the aesthetic beauty of licensed native raw materials, density is an important factor in choosing the wood species we select. This physical characteristic makes it possible to increase the quality of the finishes, improve the precision of the cuts and guarantee excellent durability of the furniture. We know that having a quality raw material available is not enough to have a good finished product, that's why we seek to work only with woodworkers who have dedicated their lives to working with wood. Excellent professionals who have know-how capable of substantially transcending technical limitations and making possible the development of each of the products developed in wood.

We are proud to work with experienced professionals and in the case of finishing, we entrust our pieces only to professionals who carry decades of experience in painting. Only time can make a professional reference of what he does, eyes that can see what many eyes do not see, hands that carry skills acquired not only by repetition but by the passion to make a product a finished piece. The precision of the application of each fan that comes out of the spray gun, the thorough review of each product surface, are characteristics that we observe and value, as we know that the finish is an important aspect of the relationship between people and objects.



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Fregata Magnificens

“Minha terra tem palmeiras,
Onde canta o Sabiá;
As aves, que aqui gorjeiam,
Não gorjeiam como lá.”
Canção do Exílio, Gonçalves Dias, 1847.

The immense coastline of the Americas, the parent of the most beautiful tropical beaches, is also the birthplace of the peculiar and charming bird known as Tesourão (Fregata magnificens). Its elongated and thin wings associated with its split tail, constitute the silhouette of the bird that travels throughout the Brazilian coast. This graceful bird inspires the creation of the Fregata armchair, where its shape reproduces, albeit simplistically, the lines of the bird, seeking to intertwine beauty, lightness, and natural movements to the new product.

The choice of name connects to the portion of the species nomenclature that defines the bird's genus. Genus, within the norms of taxonomy, is used to define species with similar morphological characteristics. Therefore Fregata as the name of the armchair seeks not only to give a personality name to the piece but also to merge, through the concept, furniture, and bird, bringing them both to the same common ancestor, united not only by shape but also by aesthetics and beauty.


Ink on Canson
Collection by designer Esteban Fidelis