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Monday to Friday: 9-20
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Klie believes in the participation of specialized professionals in all stages of the development of our products. Designers are a fundamental part not only in the development of pieces that enchant but also to develop and accompany, together with our collaborators, essential processes and techniques to bring our products to life.

Esteban Fidelis

"I see design as a sensitive process, where values are understood, capabilities are equated and possibilities are realized."

Junctions, shapes, surfaces, and proportions, everything goes through a detailed and consequent look in which each step of the process receives individual attention. Theory, technology, production, and usability are some of the elements that make up the creative pantheon of the designer Esteban Fidelis. His pieces seek to express not only his attraction for perceptual consistency and formal unity, but also for theoretical themes that enrich and verticalize the discussions around his products. For him, the design is a complex equation of multiple variables, capable of responding to essential human needs. His projects seek to represent the purely logical and sensitive expression, attending simultaneously to productive, perceptive, and functional factors.

EF - Marca - PNG

Cícero Jr.

"Design is the bridge between object and user."

The act of designing brings with it an encouraging beauty. It is the materialization of the world of ideas, it is tracing the path of the raw material, passing through the skillful hands of the artisans, until the welcoming of your new home. Drawing an object is to challenge the observer's gaze to travel its entire length and, in the end, to find warmth in its forms. As a designer, I seek to express myself through simplicity, building a bridge between object and user, creating a dialogue between form and function, and establishing a balance between production processes and the rational use of materials.


Muuh Studio

Muuh was the first collective formed by designers Cícero Jr. and Esteban Fidelis. The duo teamed up to develop the first products that would form the basis for Klie's portfolio back in 2018, the company's founding date. With simple shapes and choices of appropriate techniques, the designers sought to establish a harmonious relationship between products and people, through industrial and mechanical responses.